Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Todgarh Is One Of The Most Serene Places To Unwind

Todgarh, a serene town in the Aravalli mountain range, is an ideal place to escape the hustle-bustle of cities and spend some memorable moments in its picturesque natural surroundings. People wondering how to reach Todgarh can look for directions online on the location map of the resort or hotel where they have booked their stay. Air travellers can get to this region from the Udaipur Airport which is located at a distance of about 180 kilometres from the town. Railway station closest to Todgarh is Ajmer, while the region is connected to all the major cities and towns by road.

What truly pleases tourists visiting this town is that there are no honking of vehicles, traffic congestion and crowd of people. History of this region dates back to the colonial era, when a British Survey Officer known as James Tod visited this town. Fascinated by the vast expanses of fabulous natural landscapes, he founded a small village and built a church, post office and many other buildings in the region. Pragya Shikhar, a Jain temple and one of the popular tourist attractions of this area, was once the building where he resided. In recognition of the works done by Colonel James Tod in this part of Rajasthan, the Maharaja of Udaipur named the village of Barsawada as Todgarh. A stay in Todgarh would enable tourists to visit all the places of interest in this wonderful town, including Pragya Shikhar.

In recent times, several hotels and resorts have come up in the region, considering a rise in tourist activities over the past few years. Many of the popular Todgarh resorts provide luxurious accommodations for tourists in the form of elegantly-designed rooms and suites. Amenities like travel desk, swimming pool and indoor games would go a long way in making their stay a memorable experience.