Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mountain Ranges of India

India is blessed with a variety in its topography like sprawling planes, plenty of rivers, deserts touching the horizons, towering snow covered peaks and huge mountain ranges providing a protective shield to the country. These mountain ranges prove to be a good refuge to the wild life as well as bird life which gets nourished in its dense jungles. 

The list of mountain ranges in India is long enough but to name a few popular ranges, we will have to make a mention of Himalayas, Anamalai, Eastern Ghats, Garo hills, Karakoram, khasi, Nilgiri, Palani, Sahayadri and last but not the least Aravali mountain range. Aravali itself means a long line of peaks and these mountains of Western India cover a long range of around eight hundred km, while passing through the Indian states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Haryana and Delhi. In different states the hills of this world’s oldest mountain range are known by variety of names. But the highest peak of this row of mountains is none other than Guru Shikhar in Mount Abu. This peak rising to a height of more than five thousand feet is located near Gujarat border. City of Udaipur with its beautiful lakes is located on the southern slope of the Aravali range. Rajasthan gets a share of around five hundred thirty km of the total mountain range. The hills of Aravali beautifully surround the glorious lakes of Udaipur and salt water lakes of Shambar. Rajasthan is a desert land which is gifted with only one hill station at Mount Abu which is a well known summer retreat and people from Rajasthan as well as neighboring Gujarat visit this place to beat the heat of the scorching summers.

Todgarh is one of the beautiful places to visit and explore which is surrounded by the Aravali Mountains near Ajmer and tucked on a height of around three thousand feet. Originally called Boraswara it was inhabited by the tribal’s like Gurjars and Banjaras. The ancient look of the place is totally changed and today this place has become a major attraction for the visitors of Rajasthan.