Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Todgarh the splendid destination near Ajmer

Ajmer located to the south-west of Jaipur at around one hundred thirty km, conceals many treasures of tourist like Todgarh the historic town of Rajasthan. It is the all-round hill station nestled on the summits of Aravalis. It welcomes the tourists with its mind blowing attractions and typical flora and fauna. Among the marvels of Todgarh Dudhaleshwar is the location of prime importance as far tourism in the region is considered.

It is located on boundary of Todgarh sanctuary and is a holy place blessed with natural beauty. The huge land covered with forests preserves large varieties of wildlife and bird life. The Todgarh Raoli sanctuary stands among some of the popular wildlife sanctuaries of Rajasthan. Dudhaleshwar temple a five hundred year old Shiva temple at Raoli standing at the backdrop of a huge lake is a serene place to visit. This temple is an important pilgrimage for Hindus who gather here from distant places during the festival of Shivratri. 

There is a pond referred by the pilgrims as Kund, which receives water from the nearby spring. Devotees arriving here throw a coin in the Kund and demand their wishes from lord Shiva, and see to it whether bubbles are coming up from that place. If bubbles arise from the place it means the wishes of the pilgrims will be fulfilled by the devotees. This is the best place for those want to release stress and tensions by meditating. Dudhsagar is neighbored by Bheelberi waterfalls which is a huge waterfall jumping from a height of around fifty five meters supposed to be the largest waterfall. 

The waterfall is flowing full fledge during monsoon season. An ecotourism site near the temple brings lots of tourist, who have understood the importance of this place. There are many beautiful treks near the temple which offer a deep insight into the temple surroundings and wildlife of the region.

Visiting Todgarh will offer you a unique experience of the traditions and culture of the villages tucked on Aravali Mountains. Wildlife of the region is scattered in many of the spots and best way to view maximum wildlife is by riding the wildlife safari operated in the Todgarh Raoli wildlife sanctuary.