Thursday, March 13, 2014

Opportunities For Tourism In Todgarh

In order to provide a boost to the travel and tourism industry in India, several efforts have been taken to discover new destinations that have an underlying potential for attracting tourists. One of the major challenges in this regard is the development of infrastructure. In recent times, some major steps have been taken for improving the facilities like rail, road and air connectivity in certain travel destinations in the country. One of these destinations is Todgarh, a fascinating town in the Aravalli range of mountains. This region offers plenty of opportunities for people who are interested in sightseeing or indulging in their favorite adventure activities. 

Opportunities for sightseeing in Todgarh and its surrounding areas include visits to the Todgarh Raoli Wildlife Sanctuary. This particular wildlife reserve is not so popular as compared to the other tourist locations of Rajasthan, but it definitely has a great potential for eco-tourism. An ancient temple of Lord Shiva, called the Dudhaleshwar Temple, is a perfect spot for meditation. There also exists a source of ceaseless spring water in this temple. The western part of Aravali hills has a serpentine track from Todgarh to Dudhaleshwar, which is a good example of road engineering by the British engineers. A multi-cuisine restaurant in Todgarh would enable tourists to taste the local delights, while enjoying their accommodation in a popular resort or a hotel. They would also have the required convenience in visiting all the attractions nearby during their stay.

When it comes to having a pleasant stay in Todgarh, no other resort would offer the kind of hospitality and comforts that United 21 Royal Resort provides for its guests. Interiors of this resort have been transformed in order to give it a minimalist, modern look. Designs and patterns have been created using semi-precious stones and local marble. The rooms of United 21 Royal Resort Todgarh tourists book for their stay, are elegantly furnished, and fully equipped with the latest facilities. Amenities provided by this resort include private balconies in most of its rooms, swimming pool, business centre, internet cafe, car rental and ticketing. Multi-cuisine restaurant in this resort serves delicious local as well as other cuisines.