Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Undiscovered Wildness of Todgarh Raoli Wildlife Sanctuary!

Todgarh is the cute little town in Rajasthan hooked on the Aravali hill ranges, which are covered with dry deciduous forests and a treasure of wildlife concealed in them. This region has a subtropical climate meaning hot summers and moderate winters. Monsoon normally arrives in the month of July. The deciduous type of forest in this region become green during monsoon but become leafless as the summer approaches. These hills are covered with patches of greenery in which many rare varieties of wild animals are settled. In historic times this was the region of Maharajas, who reserved large areas of hunting grounds in the jungles. The region exhibits a unique habitat with characteristics of plains, hills as well as desert region.

Todgarh Raoli Wildlife Sanctuary is the reserved forest stretched on an area of around five hundred sq. km. Once this region was popular for large population of tigers but recently it has shown a considerable growth in number of sloth bears and leopards. A visit to this sanctuary will offer an overall experience of viewing the Aravalis. Todgarh offers you scenic views of the mountains and a possibility to peep inside the rural life of Rajasthan. This sanctuary unlike other sanctuaries is an ultimate mix of natural wonders and historical events. You will observe many contrasting things like thick forests, huge planes, valleys and mountain ranges bundled together to present an awesome aura of natures bounty. Huge mountain ranges in the eastern part of the sanctuary are touching the skies with a height of around three thousand feet. There are a few hill valley resorts located near the sanctuary.

United-21 royal resort Todgarh is an exclusive treat, tucked on the hill tops of the mountain ranges offering a serene shelter to the tourists arriving here to reveal the wonders of Aravalis and view its explicit wild life. It’s not only a means of accommodation in Todgarh but it is a complete pack offering a royal treat to its guests. While visiting this destination never miss the opportunity of experiencing an exclusive treat at the resort, which was once offered to the Maharajas.