Thursday, December 25, 2014

United-21 Royal Resort, Todgarh extends its warm Christmas greetings

Christmas is among the major festivals celebrated in India with great enthusiasm by people from all communities. Most of the schools, colleges, and other educational institutions are closed for a week during Christmas. This gives students a great opportunity to enjoy a pleasant vacation with their family members and close friends. It is also a great time for many people to get to distant locations for enjoying a fun-filled vacation with the entire family.

While planning a vacation to some exotic location, some individuals always look for places that are far from the hustle-bustle of crowds. Todgarh is among such locations, set against the backdrop of majestic Aravallis. Booking a stay at United-21 Royal Resort, Todgarh can give them the opportunity to enjoy a memorable Christmas season with their family, as it offers some of the best facilities for its guests and includes delicious varieties of local and other popular cuisines in its multi-cuisine restaurant.

If you are among those tourists who have booked an accommodation in United-21 Royal Resort, you can have the opportunity to enjoy some fabulous amenities. We hope to see you at our resort this Christmas season. Our staff would make sure that you have an exciting time this festive season. We wish you aMerry Christmas.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Todgarh fascinates tourists with interesting stories and places

Not many people are aware of the fact that Todgarh was founded by a British officer and Oriental scholar, known as Lieutenant Colonel James Tod. This majestic town in the Aravalli mountain range of the Indian state, Rajasthan, has some interesting places and serene environs for its visitors. People vacationing in this region can also come across some fascinating stories of its Rajput rulers.
Todgarh has a sub-tropical climate, which is characterized by moderate winters and hot summers. Although monsoon arrives in this region during the first week of July, the rains are uncertain and vary across different locations. A long, dry period prevails in Todgarh from the month of October till June. In the hot season, daytime temperatures can go beyond the level of 45-Degree Celsius, causing unpleasant conditions for travel and tourism. The only place that provides some relief to the tourists is the eastern slope, where temperatures can fall as low as 5-Degree Celsius.
Most popular among all the attractions of this town is the Todgarh-Raoli Wildlife Sanctuary. Tourists can book their accommodation in any of the popular Todgarh resorts for a comfortable stay during their vacation, and to have the required convenience in visiting famous places in and around the town.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

James Tod: The man behind the creation of Todgarh

Lieutenant-Colonel James Tod has found a place in the history of Rajasthan, owing to the respect that he gave to the local rulers in his works. He was not only an officer of the British East India Company, but also an Oriental scholar who created a series of works on the history and geography of India.

Among his academic works, the book 'Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan' gained worldwide popularity. It is based on the materials that he collected during his time spent in Rajasthan. James Tod was born on the 20th of March, 1782, in London, and received his education in Scotland. 

Upon joining the East India Company as a military officer, he got the opportunity to travel to India as a cadet in the year 1799. Rising quickly in rank, he was appointed as a political agent for Rajputana's select regions. When he arrived in the region that is now known as Todgarh, he was truly impressed with the aura that the place exuded.

James Tod spent twenty years of life in this region and founded a small village, which came to be known as Todgarh. While staying in Todgarh resorts during their vacation, tourists would get to explore all the historical structures built by James Tod.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Wildlife photographers would love to be in Todgarh

The northern tropical deciduous forest in Todgarh-Raoli Wildlife Sanctuary is an exciting place to catch some wonderful birds and animals in action. This sanctuary is set amidst the picturesque Aravalli mountain ranges, and provides plenty of opportunities for wildlife photographers to capture some great snaps of its wildlife in their cameras.

Spread over a vast area of about 497 square kilometres, this region also has a glorious history that is replete with tales of its former Rajput rulers.
Climate of this wildlife reserve is characterized by moderate winters and hot summers. It is home to various species of wild animals, such as, deer and antelopes. Herbivores that are found in this region include Blue Bulls, Sambar, and Chinkara. This sanctuary also has a sizeable population of carnivores like Jungle Cats, Wolves, and Striped Hyenas. Photographers can get some excellent pictures of their favourite animals during their visit to this region. They can also photograph birds like Pelicans, Herons, Storks, Teals and Ibises.

While on a trip of Todgarh, these photographers would need a comfortable place to stay. The well-furnished rooms provided by United-21 Royal Resort,Todgarh would be ideal for their accommodation. They would also get to enjoy the latest facilities and some wonderful amenities in this resort.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Getting married in Todgarh can be truly romantic

Marriage is an event that usually happens once in an entire lifetime. There can be many ways, by which, couples can make this day of their lives memorable. Getting married in the picturesque surroundings of Todgarh, a town situated in the midst of the majestic Aravalli mountains, would be an experience to remember for the ones waiting for that special day. Popular resorts in Todgarh have all the facilities to make such events a great success.

These resorts can take away most of the hassles, so that wedding ceremonies can be organized with all the grandeur that they deserve. Spacious lawns, multi-cuisine restaurants, and swimming pools are some of the offerings that these resorts have in store for guests. After their wedding, couples can also enjoy a fabulous honeymoon in this part of the world, while staying in the elegant rooms or suites.

Some of the most interesting places in Todgarh can be explored by the newly-weds during their romantic vacation. Most popular among them is Todgarh Raoli Wildlife Sanctuary, which has some unique species of flora and fauna. Dudhaleshwar Temple, Bheelberi Falls, and Deewair are some of the other places that couples can explore during their time spent in Todgarh. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Todgarh Is One Of The Most Serene Places To Unwind

Todgarh, a serene town in the Aravalli mountain range, is an ideal place to escape the hustle-bustle of cities and spend some memorable moments in its picturesque natural surroundings. People wondering how to reach Todgarh can look for directions online on the location map of the resort or hotel where they have booked their stay. Air travellers can get to this region from the Udaipur Airport which is located at a distance of about 180 kilometres from the town. Railway station closest to Todgarh is Ajmer, while the region is connected to all the major cities and towns by road.

What truly pleases tourists visiting this town is that there are no honking of vehicles, traffic congestion and crowd of people. History of this region dates back to the colonial era, when a British Survey Officer known as James Tod visited this town. Fascinated by the vast expanses of fabulous natural landscapes, he founded a small village and built a church, post office and many other buildings in the region. Pragya Shikhar, a Jain temple and one of the popular tourist attractions of this area, was once the building where he resided. In recognition of the works done by Colonel James Tod in this part of Rajasthan, the Maharaja of Udaipur named the village of Barsawada as Todgarh. A stay in Todgarh would enable tourists to visit all the places of interest in this wonderful town, including Pragya Shikhar.

In recent times, several hotels and resorts have come up in the region, considering a rise in tourist activities over the past few years. Many of the popular Todgarh resorts provide luxurious accommodations for tourists in the form of elegantly-designed rooms and suites. Amenities like travel desk, swimming pool and indoor games would go a long way in making their stay a memorable experience.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Abundant Wildlife Of Todgarh Raoli Wildlife Sanctuary

A beautiful town located in the Aravalli mountain ranges, Todgarh has become one of the favourite travel destinations of tourists visiting the Indian state, Rajasthan. James Tod, a British colonel, was so fascinated by the region that he founded a small village and spent 20 years of his life in this part of the world. It gradually became a famous town, which was named after him. People wondering how to reach Todgarh can know the directions from its location map online. Tourists can also find detailed instructions for getting to this region on the website of a hotel or resort where they are planning to book their stay.

The flora and fauna of Aravallis can be explored in Todgarh Raoli Wildlife Sanctuary, which is spread over a vast area of 497 square kilometres. The hilly tracks of Ajmer, Rajsamand and Pali districts within the limits of this wildlife sanctuary were popular hunting grounds during the colonial era. In recent times, it houses a large variety of animals and birds besides the abundant vegetation in its tropical dry deciduous forest. Diverse ecosystems found in this area like forests, lakes and grassland also foster a sizeable population of reptiles. A Todgarh wildlife safari is the ideal way to explore the different species of wild animals, birds, reptiles, trees and plants of this wildlife reserve.

People visiting this part of Rajasthan can visit this wildlife sanctuary along with all the other attractions while staying in any of the hotels or resorts in Todgarh that offer excellent accommodations for tourists. Most of them have rooms and suites provided with comfortable air-conditioning, private balconies and laundry services. Some of them also have multi-cuisine restaurants that offer mouth-watering varieties of local as well as popular international dishes. Amenities like well-maintained swimming pools and travel desk facility are also provided to guests in these resorts.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Todgarh is a Fascinating Tourist Spot in Rajasthan

Tourists visiting Rajasthan are always delighted to be in Todgarh, as they can witness some amazing natural views of the Aravalli mountains while touring this region. Located at a height of 3281 feet above sea level, this town was originally called Boraswara. It was a part of Mewara and the nomadic tribes, Gujars and Banjaras inhabited this region. Among the exciting places to visit in Rajasthan , Todgarh is a tourist spot that offers beautiful natural landscapes comprising of dense forests, valleys and sandy plains.

The nearest airport for tourists travelling via air is located in Udaipur, from where they can get to Todgarh with the help of public transport or by hiring a private vehicle. Ajmer Railway Station offers the required convenience to tourists in getting to Todgarh without any hassles. Among the famous Todgarh attractions visited by tourists is the Todgarh Raoli Wildlife Sanctuary. It is an eco-tourist's delight and there are several varieties of plants, animals, birds, and trees in this place. Dudhaleshwar Temple is another great attraction for many tourists, as it is an ancient temple of Lord Shiva and has tall trees of Tamarind, Banyan and Karanj in its surroundings. Deewair, Katarghati, and Bheelberi Falls are some of the other popular tourist spots that can be explored while sightseeing in Todgarh.

A comfortable stay is something that tourists expect to have while vacationing in this town. Over the years, many hotels and resorts have come up in the region that cater to the accommodation needs of tourists. A popular resort in Todgarh offers well-furnished rooms and suites to its guests, with several in-room facilities like air-conditioning, private balconies, laundry and power backup. Guests staying in such resorts would also get to enjoy some mouth-watering varieties of Indian as well as popular international cuisines in their multi-cuisine restaurants.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mountain Ranges of India

India is blessed with a variety in its topography like sprawling planes, plenty of rivers, deserts touching the horizons, towering snow covered peaks and huge mountain ranges providing a protective shield to the country. These mountain ranges prove to be a good refuge to the wild life as well as bird life which gets nourished in its dense jungles. 

The list of mountain ranges in India is long enough but to name a few popular ranges, we will have to make a mention of Himalayas, Anamalai, Eastern Ghats, Garo hills, Karakoram, khasi, Nilgiri, Palani, Sahayadri and last but not the least Aravali mountain range. Aravali itself means a long line of peaks and these mountains of Western India cover a long range of around eight hundred km, while passing through the Indian states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Haryana and Delhi. In different states the hills of this world’s oldest mountain range are known by variety of names. But the highest peak of this row of mountains is none other than Guru Shikhar in Mount Abu. This peak rising to a height of more than five thousand feet is located near Gujarat border. City of Udaipur with its beautiful lakes is located on the southern slope of the Aravali range. Rajasthan gets a share of around five hundred thirty km of the total mountain range. The hills of Aravali beautifully surround the glorious lakes of Udaipur and salt water lakes of Shambar. Rajasthan is a desert land which is gifted with only one hill station at Mount Abu which is a well known summer retreat and people from Rajasthan as well as neighboring Gujarat visit this place to beat the heat of the scorching summers.

Todgarh is one of the beautiful places to visit and explore which is surrounded by the Aravali Mountains near Ajmer and tucked on a height of around three thousand feet. Originally called Boraswara it was inhabited by the tribal’s like Gurjars and Banjaras. The ancient look of the place is totally changed and today this place has become a major attraction for the visitors of Rajasthan.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Todgarh the splendid destination near Ajmer

Ajmer located to the south-west of Jaipur at around one hundred thirty km, conceals many treasures of tourist like Todgarh the historic town of Rajasthan. It is the all-round hill station nestled on the summits of Aravalis. It welcomes the tourists with its mind blowing attractions and typical flora and fauna. Among the marvels of Todgarh Dudhaleshwar is the location of prime importance as far tourism in the region is considered.

It is located on boundary of Todgarh sanctuary and is a holy place blessed with natural beauty. The huge land covered with forests preserves large varieties of wildlife and bird life. The Todgarh Raoli sanctuary stands among some of the popular wildlife sanctuaries of Rajasthan. Dudhaleshwar temple a five hundred year old Shiva temple at Raoli standing at the backdrop of a huge lake is a serene place to visit. This temple is an important pilgrimage for Hindus who gather here from distant places during the festival of Shivratri. 

There is a pond referred by the pilgrims as Kund, which receives water from the nearby spring. Devotees arriving here throw a coin in the Kund and demand their wishes from lord Shiva, and see to it whether bubbles are coming up from that place. If bubbles arise from the place it means the wishes of the pilgrims will be fulfilled by the devotees. This is the best place for those want to release stress and tensions by meditating. Dudhsagar is neighbored by Bheelberi waterfalls which is a huge waterfall jumping from a height of around fifty five meters supposed to be the largest waterfall. 

The waterfall is flowing full fledge during monsoon season. An ecotourism site near the temple brings lots of tourist, who have understood the importance of this place. There are many beautiful treks near the temple which offer a deep insight into the temple surroundings and wildlife of the region.

Visiting Todgarh will offer you a unique experience of the traditions and culture of the villages tucked on Aravali Mountains. Wildlife of the region is scattered in many of the spots and best way to view maximum wildlife is by riding the wildlife safari operated in the Todgarh Raoli wildlife sanctuary.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Opportunities For Tourism In Todgarh

In order to provide a boost to the travel and tourism industry in India, several efforts have been taken to discover new destinations that have an underlying potential for attracting tourists. One of the major challenges in this regard is the development of infrastructure. In recent times, some major steps have been taken for improving the facilities like rail, road and air connectivity in certain travel destinations in the country. One of these destinations is Todgarh, a fascinating town in the Aravalli range of mountains. This region offers plenty of opportunities for people who are interested in sightseeing or indulging in their favorite adventure activities. 

Opportunities for sightseeing in Todgarh and its surrounding areas include visits to the Todgarh Raoli Wildlife Sanctuary. This particular wildlife reserve is not so popular as compared to the other tourist locations of Rajasthan, but it definitely has a great potential for eco-tourism. An ancient temple of Lord Shiva, called the Dudhaleshwar Temple, is a perfect spot for meditation. There also exists a source of ceaseless spring water in this temple. The western part of Aravali hills has a serpentine track from Todgarh to Dudhaleshwar, which is a good example of road engineering by the British engineers. A multi-cuisine restaurant in Todgarh would enable tourists to taste the local delights, while enjoying their accommodation in a popular resort or a hotel. They would also have the required convenience in visiting all the attractions nearby during their stay.

When it comes to having a pleasant stay in Todgarh, no other resort would offer the kind of hospitality and comforts that United 21 Royal Resort provides for its guests. Interiors of this resort have been transformed in order to give it a minimalist, modern look. Designs and patterns have been created using semi-precious stones and local marble. The rooms of United 21 Royal Resort Todgarh tourists book for their stay, are elegantly furnished, and fully equipped with the latest facilities. Amenities provided by this resort include private balconies in most of its rooms, swimming pool, business centre, internet cafe, car rental and ticketing. Multi-cuisine restaurant in this resort serves delicious local as well as other cuisines.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Todgarh the Jewel of Rajasthan Tourism

Rajasthan even though partly a desert region attracts thousands of tourists to this state and to its colorful cities as well as to its indigenous culture, art, architecture and Rural life adorned with folk music and dances. Rajasthan is a rainbow of vivid topographies, historical monuments or forts, a typical cuisine and last but not the least wildlife of the region preserving many rare varieties of birds and animals. One of the typical attractions of Rajasthan tourism is the visit to some of its historical forts and palaces standing as a witness to the historical grandeur of the state.

Geographically Rajasthan is divided between Aravali ranges and Thar Desert with Mount Abu at southwestern end of the hill ranges. Culture of Rajasthan varies from region to region along with its style of folk-art and the colorful festivals. Todgarh located in the Aravali mountain ranges offers best example of typical Aravali flora and fauna. Todgarh Raoli wild life sanctuary which is sprawling on a huge five hundred sq. km is the major attraction of Todgarh. This is the land of great personalities of Rajasthan like Maharana Pratap and Meera. The area of sanctuary is full of contrasts having rivers as well as valleys, sandy planes and dense forests. This region of the sanctuary once served as the hunting grounds of the British officers. Todgarh Raoli wild life sanctuary is the representative of wildlife of Aravalian mountain ranges. 

Along with a wide range of animals ranging from rare species of mammals, predators and reptiles at the backdrop of forests, lakes and grasslands there are many rare birds in this sanctuary. Other interesting activities at Raoli include trekking to destinations like sarup, gafa, pelni or nature camping at Bhilberi and Ghotamghat. Ancient temples to visit around the sanctuary are Dudhaleshwar Mahadev, Gauridham, Goram temple and Mayli mata.

Whenever you plan to spend a vacation in Rajasthan don’t forget to visit Todgarh where you can experience the magic of the Aravalian fantasies and an exclusive pleasure of staying in a palace like accommodation at United-21 Royal Resort Todgarh. This resort resembling a Rajasthani palace or Haveli, has luxuriously decorated interiors and most modern amenities providing comfort to the guests. United-21 Hill valley resort in Todgarh is one of the popular places to stay during your Rajasthan vacations.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Undiscovered Wildness of Todgarh Raoli Wildlife Sanctuary!

Todgarh is the cute little town in Rajasthan hooked on the Aravali hill ranges, which are covered with dry deciduous forests and a treasure of wildlife concealed in them. This region has a subtropical climate meaning hot summers and moderate winters. Monsoon normally arrives in the month of July. The deciduous type of forest in this region become green during monsoon but become leafless as the summer approaches. These hills are covered with patches of greenery in which many rare varieties of wild animals are settled. In historic times this was the region of Maharajas, who reserved large areas of hunting grounds in the jungles. The region exhibits a unique habitat with characteristics of plains, hills as well as desert region.

Todgarh Raoli Wildlife Sanctuary is the reserved forest stretched on an area of around five hundred sq. km. Once this region was popular for large population of tigers but recently it has shown a considerable growth in number of sloth bears and leopards. A visit to this sanctuary will offer an overall experience of viewing the Aravalis. Todgarh offers you scenic views of the mountains and a possibility to peep inside the rural life of Rajasthan. This sanctuary unlike other sanctuaries is an ultimate mix of natural wonders and historical events. You will observe many contrasting things like thick forests, huge planes, valleys and mountain ranges bundled together to present an awesome aura of natures bounty. Huge mountain ranges in the eastern part of the sanctuary are touching the skies with a height of around three thousand feet. There are a few hill valley resorts located near the sanctuary.

United-21 royal resort Todgarh is an exclusive treat, tucked on the hill tops of the mountain ranges offering a serene shelter to the tourists arriving here to reveal the wonders of Aravalis and view its explicit wild life. It’s not only a means of accommodation in Todgarh but it is a complete pack offering a royal treat to its guests. While visiting this destination never miss the opportunity of experiencing an exclusive treat at the resort, which was once offered to the Maharajas.