Thursday, December 26, 2013

Pragya Shikhar great monument on the summit of Aravalis

Todgarh even though seems to be an Indian name is actually named after a British Colonel James Tod, who was allured by the ambience of the place located in the Aravali hill ranges. Aravalis is the oldest mountain range located in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Todgarh is a beautiful town located at a height of around three thousand two hundred eighty km, which was originally known as Boraswara. This region was mostly occupied by the tribal’s like Gurjar’s and Banjara’s in historic times. Mahashila Abhilekh Pragya Shikhar is a huge monument constructed by the Jain community located on a scenic hillock.

Todgarh the exclusive hill station of Ajmer is located at a distance of around one hundred twenty km from the city center. The historic town is popular for its monumental buildings of the British era and will be developed into an ecotourism site by Rajasthan tourism development board in near future. Visitors to this destination which is covered with dense jungles include a range of tourists ranging from leisure to adventure travelers. Pragya Shikhar is one of the many explicit places to visit in and around Todgarh like Bheelberry waterfalls, Deewair, Katarghati, Dudhaleshwar temple and last but not the least Todgarh Raoli wildlife sanctuary. Built on a huge summit of a hillock Pragya Shikhar is a tall pillar standing on a circular plinth and covered on all sides by beautiful railings. After climbing steps of the monument you will face the main pillar with inscriptions written on its front side. This well maintained Jain monument is the prime attraction of the foreigners visiting Todgarh.
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