Saturday, February 28, 2015

Todgarh Raoli Wildlife Sanctuary: An Enthralling & Visually Destination

Located amidst the Aravalli hill ranges, the Todgarh Raoli Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over an approximate area of 500 sq. kms. Situated at an altitude of 3281 feet above the sea level, this sanctuary is a widely popular wildlife sanctuary. This wildlife sanctuary is a tropical dry deciduous forest, which means that for the few months of monsoon, the trees are absolutely green, but the remaining part of year, most trees are leafless and dry. It is interesting to note that there are pockets of evergreen patches in this sanctuary, but it is a great blend of hills, plains and the desert regions. During its initial years, this sanctuary was primarily dedicated to tigers. Today, this sanctuary has turned into a thriving population of leopards as well as sloth bears. The official handout informs that there are approximately 200 bird species, but it the grey jungle fowl that is found here in abundance.

Flora: Featured by northern tropical dry deciduous forest and the lower altitude are influenced by Dhok tree whereas higher altitude is influenced by Khini, Siris, Salar, Godal, Bamboo, and Holeoptelia with many seasonal flowering plants like Butea. 

Fauna: The sanctuary has a booming population of Leopards & Sloth Bears with a plethora of Grey Jungle Fowls along with a plenty of birds & reptiles such as tortoise. Additionally, wild species such as Civets, Blue Bull, Chinkara, Striped Hyena, Chinkara, and reptiles like Python, Water Snake, Russel’s Viper, Indian Krait, and Wolf.

If you are visiting Todgarh for the first time around, then you might have to research about the place in advance. Apart from searching for attractions in this area, you should also plan about the accommodation in Todgarh. United-21 resort is among the best Todgarh hotels and resorts, so you can consider staying here and making your stay a memorable experience. Once you stay in our resort, you would no more want to stay in either 3 star hotels or 4 star hotels in Todgarh.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Attend Marwar Festival to Experience the Colourful Culture of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is immensely popular for its colourful and diverse culture. The festivals in this state feature plenty of dancing and songs. During your trip to Todgarh, you should make a point to attend Marwar festival of Jodhpur. Held in the month of September-October, this festival is celebrated during the full moon of Sharad Poornima. The festival lasts for 2 days. 

The primary attraction of this festival is the folk music centred on the romantic lifestyle of Rajasthan’s rulers. If you are one of those individuals who loves dance & music, then you should definitely engage in this festival because these activities are main theme over here. The folk dancers and singers assemble in this festival to offer lively entertainment. These artists would take you in the bygone era and showcase the valour of their heroes. These heroes live in the soul of these artists through their dance and songs. 

Among other attractions at this festival, camel tattoo show & polo are immensely popular among visitors. If you are a food lover, then you should take out time to feast upon local cuisines of Marwar. You might have dined some of the best hotels & resorts in Todgarh, but there’s no comparison of the roadside local Rajasthani cuisine.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

United-21 Royal Resort, Todgarh extends its warm Christmas greetings

Christmas is among the major festivals celebrated in India with great enthusiasm by people from all communities. Most of the schools, colleges, and other educational institutions are closed for a week during Christmas. This gives students a great opportunity to enjoy a pleasant vacation with their family members and close friends. It is also a great time for many people to get to distant locations for enjoying a fun-filled vacation with the entire family.

While planning a vacation to some exotic location, some individuals always look for places that are far from the hustle-bustle of crowds. Todgarh is among such locations, set against the backdrop of majestic Aravallis. Booking a stay at United-21 Royal Resort, Todgarh can give them the opportunity to enjoy a memorable Christmas season with their family, as it offers some of the best facilities for its guests and includes delicious varieties of local and other popular cuisines in its multi-cuisine restaurant.

If you are among those tourists who have booked an accommodation in United-21 Royal Resort, you can have the opportunity to enjoy some fabulous amenities. We hope to see you at our resort this Christmas season. Our staff would make sure that you have an exciting time this festive season. We wish you aMerry Christmas.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Todgarh fascinates tourists with interesting stories and places

Not many people are aware of the fact that Todgarh was founded by a British officer and Oriental scholar, known as Lieutenant Colonel James Tod. This majestic town in the Aravalli mountain range of the Indian state, Rajasthan, has some interesting places and serene environs for its visitors. People vacationing in this region can also come across some fascinating stories of its Rajput rulers.
Todgarh has a sub-tropical climate, which is characterized by moderate winters and hot summers. Although monsoon arrives in this region during the first week of July, the rains are uncertain and vary across different locations. A long, dry period prevails in Todgarh from the month of October till June. In the hot season, daytime temperatures can go beyond the level of 45-Degree Celsius, causing unpleasant conditions for travel and tourism. The only place that provides some relief to the tourists is the eastern slope, where temperatures can fall as low as 5-Degree Celsius.
Most popular among all the attractions of this town is the Todgarh-Raoli Wildlife Sanctuary. Tourists can book their accommodation in any of the popular Todgarh resorts for a comfortable stay during their vacation, and to have the required convenience in visiting famous places in and around the town.